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Ohio Fishing License

Deck or Tennis Shoes *Please NO black sole shoes*

Fishing gear, medium tackle with new line (8 to 10 lb. test)

Lures assorted colors of weight forward spinning lures 3/8 oz. to 1 oz. and harnesses with variety of egg sinkers.

Camera, sunglasses, raingear, hat and suntan lotion

If prone to sea-sickness take appropriate medication before leaving dock

One cooler per party for lunches and beverages (Beer is okay, no hard stuff. This is a Drug Free vessel.) Thank you!!!

Large cooler (left in your car) to take fish home in.


For Your Convenience We Furnish:

On board cooler for fish
Ice for your fish
Poles and tackle - (If requested)


* Neither Capt. Jeff Opelt, Aaron Opelt nor Opelt's Fishing Charter bear responsibility for mishaps for injury occurred on boats other than those owned by Opelt's Fishing Charter. Disclaimer includes allcharters booked though Opelt's Fishing Charters.   

** Rates based on fuel remaining below $4.50/gal. Because of the volatile nature of fuel prices, surcharges may apply. In the event that such is necessary Opelt's Fishing Charters will notify customers as  early as possible  for disposition.     



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